For cleaning utilities like the slop hopper, there is no specific legislation that says you must have this. However, it is good practice, and avoids cleaners from using kitchen and toilet sinks as substitutes. In short, you do not have to have a slop hopper, but whatever you use, you should follow the following principles:-

  1. Your main port of call is to make sure the cleaning methodology follows infection control guidelines at all times
  2. Usage and installation must ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination
  3. The best person to advise you is the manufacturer as they will be the “ultimate experts”

Most organisations that have a slop hopper, usually have a designated janitorial area, separate from kitchen, clinical and public facilities. This is quite difficult in older GP premises and they often install these in a staff toilet area, which is not ideal as cross contamination risk is still high.

When in doubt about any equipment, the safest option is to speak to the manufacturer and use a recommended/qualified installer, simply because they understand better than all others exactly how/where to install as they do this on a daily basis.

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