The CQC have outlined three types of inspections that wil be carried out. These are:

1. Comprehensive Inspections (Planned Inspections)

  • How frequently you are inspected, the size of the inspection team and whether or not you get notice of inspection depends on the nature of the Service provision and organisation.
  • The CQC call their new Inspection model under KLOEs a Comprehensive Inspection.

2. Focused Inspections (formerly known as follow-up inspections)

  • To look at something that is of concern; usually after an improvement notice has been issued after a previous CQC visit.
  • Focused inspections are carried out to check that compliance actions have been implemented
  • These are smaller in scale than comprehensive inspections, although they follow a similar process.
  • Generally a notice of the inspection will not be given (GP practices however still get notice of inspection)

3. Responsive Inspection

  • These are carried out when concerns are raised over a provider’s compliance with the standards. (Information may come sources such as a whistle blower, the CCG, the GMC or a member of the public.)

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