In January 2013, two GP practices were issued with a ‘notice proposing to refuse registration’ because they had failed to respond to correspondence from the regulator, after concerns about standards had been raised by the GMC or by the practices themselves.

The practices again failed to submit an appeal within the 28 day period against the notices so the CQC has decided not to register them, meaning they will be open their doors to patients from the 1 April.

Trading without registration is an offence. In plain English, this means you will be committing a criminal offence and liable to hefty fines and prosecutions

However the GP practices have another 28 days to submit and appeal and challenge the decision.

Cautionary tale for Registered Managers:-

  1. Make sure the Registered Manager sees all correspondence from CQC
  2. Respond to the CQC as soon as you can, ignoring correspondence could be fatal.
  3. Action will be taken against practices who are reported by 3rd parties, especially the likes of the GMC
  4. Non-compliance has consequences
  5. CQC does have teeth


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