For CQC, a Registered Manager is the person registered with the CQC to be in day-to-day management of one or more regulated activities. The registered manager takes on special responsibilities and has a legal role in enabling and monitoring compliance with essential standards across your regulated activities.

If you are a practice manager who agrees to be the registered manager as well, your role will change from just administrative to that of being legally responsible for compliance. What this means is that if there are serious failures, you can be held responsible, fined and even prosecuted.

The BMA guidelines suggest that:-
" ..... we believe that for most providers it will be appropriate for a partner to be the registered manager, although in some cases you may decide that it is more appropriate for a practice manager to take this role. The registered manager role should certainly not be viewed simply as an administrative management role, due to the legal responsibilities involved."

As a partner you need to have a better understanding of operational issues and how everything works, or at least have good systems that make you aware of alerts and what outcomes are being achieved.

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