Get to know KLOE

The acronym KLOE, stands for Key Lines of Enquiry.

The starting point for the inspection are the five key questions – are services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?

A 'KLOE' is basically a set of 'key' questions the CQC will look at under each of five headings to reach a conclusion as to how your service should be rated.









  • Evidence set-up service

    Inspection Ready Fixed Price Service So, you have the Evidence Folder, but no time to put it all together?No problem! Now you don’t even have to worry about that, we can do this for you at a fraction of the time it would have taken you. Virtual help, just…
  • CQC Evidence Folder PREMIUM

    Easily organise yourself. Be ready for any inspection any time A unique system where your “all-in” index also doubles as your checklist and Action Plan. 1 Instant Action Plan Simple tick box exercise for what you already have and what you plan to do 2…
  • 2017 KLOEs: Overview of changes

    11 Frameworks down to 2: What this means for you For the first time, a standardised approach to whole of healthcareWhat the CQC want to achieve is:- A consistent approach to defining and measuring quality and to collecting information. Be clear and consistent…
  • Common Problems at Inspections

    Problems we encounter Solutions Cleanliness Cleanliness issues or just an untidy setup creates a bad impression and it is easy to become oblivious to this. This problem is not dissimilar to moving into a new house and thinking that the first thing you will…
  • Frequency of CQC Inspections from April 2018

    CQC aim to reduce the frequency of inspections for GP practices rated Good or Outstanding to a maximum of every 5 years. However, they may schedule a visit if: CQC’s monitoring information indicates a change in the quality of care A provider is part of a…
  • Displaying Your CQC Rating

    Since 1st April 2015, if your organisation has been given a rating by the CQC, you are…
  • 2017 Changes: Next Phase of CQC Regulation

    Regulatory Framework changes in 2017 (All you need to know now in less than 3 minutes.…
  • Overview of the CQC Inspection Model

    A quick overview of how "Key Domains" and "KLOEs" work Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
  • eManager Software: The easiest route to CQC Evidence

    Once you discover eManager you'll wonder how you did without it. Smart Apps will help you…
  • 10 things to do to prepare for inspections

    10 things to do leading up to the inspectionThere are very few people who would not feel…
  • How much should it cost to prepare for CQC

    The answer really depends on how much work you do on an ongoing basis to comply with CQC…
  • Questions CQC Inspectors ask your staff

    These are the most common questions CQC inspectors usually ask your staff. Can your staff…
  • Duty of Candour

    This is a statutory duty, originally introduced for NHS bodies in England (trusts,…

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