This is what the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Says
  • PAT Tests are not compulsory
  • There is no Annual Testing Requirement
  • There is no need to pay for most testing
  • The only Tools you need are a Risk Assessment and Common Sense
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Make use of the HSE website. It is incredibly easy to follow, it is FREE, and has hundreds of useful guides and checklists in plain English

PAT Test Basics

These myths might surprise you
What is PAT (Portable Appliance Testing)?
What does the law say?
Are annual PAT inspections neccessary?
Is PAT testing compulsory?

Best Practice for PAT Tests

Staff engagement is critical
Annual Vs Daily checks
Regular Visual Inspections
Combined Inspection and Testing
Testing new equipment
Suggested intervals for checking electrical equipment
Medical Equipment

Instant Solution: Risk Assessment


Go to My Toolkts and look for these under Evidence Toolkits (Section 6 - Safety)

  • 6 Pat Test – Combined Review
  • 6 Pat Test – Formal Visual checks

These Toolkits identify risks associated with Portable Appliances

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Associated Toolkits: Hazard Reviews and Hazard Management Toolkits also under Section 6 - Safety