When the CQC routinely asks for your list of policies, Providers are rightly intimidated into rushing to buy a massive library of policies, most of which they'll never use.

CQC again overemphasises Polices at Registration and before every Inspection
Most smaller providers are being persuaded to purchase from 300 to 600 policies under fear that any one of these may be demanded by a CQC Inspector. In the absence of a defined and definitive checklist, the time cost of maintaining such a number is estimated at in excess of £56.25 million for GPs and £187.5 million in Adult Social Care.

We asked the CQC: Do you have any guidance on essential Policies needed to pass CQC

Question: Please state if the CQC has a definitive guide as to the essential policies required for a provider to successfully pass an inspection.
Answer: CQC do not have a definitive guide as to the essential policies required

Supplementary Question: If such a guide is not available, please state whether the CQC inspectorate is prepared to enter into a mutually beneficial discussion of this initiative with our membership.
Answer: Not yet answered (since 2016)