A “360º Workplace” approach where workload is shared through self-responsibility at all levels, focusing on a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

A bottom up approach addresses staff first, instilling a widespread and self-managing culture change from day one. Managers see an immediate reduction in their own workload and pressure.

With valuable time freed up, Managers can better focus on the next stage, a top down development of the Quality Framework at management level.

We have achieved this by designing a two part system:-

  1. For Management:-
    Quality Standards Manual that combines 6 separate frameworks from Governance and Policies to Revalidation and Evidence
  2. For Staff:-
    Professional Standards Passport that encompasses all staff development in a pocket-sized diary, from Training and Knowledge to Polices; and Staff Appraisals to Personal Development

The systems design brings together all the elements of Best Practice and Regulatory Requirements, and even achieves CPD and Revalidation at the same time, through a single action.