PCNs can take advantage of being in a group by pooling resources and having just one set of Significant Event Audits between them.

Common problems with organising SEAs:-

  1. Finding the topics to investigate
  2. Getting material together
  3. Co-ordinating discussions

Shared SEAs, a PCN-wide solution:-

  1. Create a common shared register of candidate topics
  2. Select the top 3-5 topics for all members to audit
  3. Share the material with everyone in the group at the same time
  4. Organise a single event to discuss this or each location does their own and shares the findings
  5. Exchange notes and findings with everyone

The aim should be to complete say 5 shared SEAs from a ready-made list of topics. Members have the option to tackle more at their option.
SEAs should be about both positive and negative events that we learn from, and a common misconception is that these should be “incidents” and negative events.

Benefits and Achievements:-

  1. A single SEA topic is now covered between 5-7 members
  2. Substantial time saving
  3. Achieves CQC compliance
  4. Achieves revalidation
  5. Demonstrates shared collaborative learning.