Set up a Compliance Calendar so that your group works in a co-ordinated way.

You cannot manage group-wide compliance if each location is working on different things at any given time and to a time-scale.

Benefits of a common calendar:-

  1. Everyone is doing the same thing, so you can share resources
  2. Now you only need one single plan for everyone
  3. Easier to manage projects and targets
  4. Faster compliance with whole group events
  5. Entire group moves forward at the same pace, no one left behind
  6. You know exactly where everyone is at any time

Co-ordinating your calendar will cut down the planning and managing workload to a fraction because you only need to do one single plan and share with everyone.

When it comes to an inspection, everyone will be at the same stage, with the same compliance plan, so there's less to explain and more in common