Something that was safe 10 minutes ago may well have become dangerous right now

  • Any check you do only proves that the equipment was fit for purpose on that date
  • Things can get damaged and dislodged during use
  • Over-reliance on anuual checks is not best practice and not in your best interest

Staff Participation

You should always have a Responsible Officer for overall management
However, it is impossible for that one person to supervise everything that everyone does. People have to be responsible for their own safety.

  • An organisation works better with teamwork and a shared burden
  • Staff on the front lines are better placed to manage their own safety
  • Educating staff is simple - Tell them their lives depend on the safety checks they carry out
  • A culture of self-responsibility creates a better workplace, delivers better service and makes everyone's life easier

Keep reminding staff that they are the best experts we have to ensure safety on a daily basis