KLOE 2018 changes are directed at Complex Providers, Groups, Federations and Out of Hours Service.

The fundamental change is that Directors and Officers at head office will be held accountable for performance of their members.

Healthcare impact

  • GP Groups
  • Federatioins
  • Super-Practices

Adult Social Care impact

  • Corporate Groups
  • Franchised Operations
  • Charities

Implementation and rollout of this new regime starts in April 2018. This is an evolving programme, and the CQC themselves are at an early stage of learning.

Executive Briefs

This is a changing landscape and briefs under this section are a quick plain English summation for Directors and Officers.

KLOE 2018 Executive Brief on Consultation Phase 2 




2018 Priorities for Groups

KLOE 2017 changes came into effect in November 2017, bringing sweeping changes to almost 75% of the old KLOEs. In addition, any provider who is part of a Group faces a double whammy when KLOE 2018 come into effect from April 2018, spotlighting Group-wide performance and holding directors to account.

  1. Groups cannot risk members falling to Inadequate or Requires Improvement rating.
  2. Low ratings are a serious risk to the rest of the Group
  3. Directors should put such Providers into Special Measures/Critical list to get the rating fixed.

Exclusive: Toolkits for Groups

There is a shrinking window of opportunity for Groups to get ahead of the game whilst the CQC get their act together, and we are now rolling out systems, starting with Federations and CCGs followed closely by Adult Social Care and Home Care.

We are offering Groups a single integrated system that allows individual branches to meet the new KLOE requirements at local level, with an option for central reporting and monitoring.

If you are a qualifying Group, we will be offering a branch level solution at special rates to all your members. This toolkit will rapidly get branches up to speed on KLOE 2017 changes, and automatically generate an Action Plan and evidence of continuous monitoring. The solution can easily be upgraded to incorporate real-time Head Office reporting at any time in the future.