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channels quality certificate
channels audits and planning
channels more to come

Channel Pricing

 Provisional Pricing

  • Get only the Channels you need.
  • Typical pricing for each Channel will be £30 per month
  • The Full System gives you access to all Channels, a saving of up to £960 every year

We will be giving away some Channels FREE of charge to every CQC Registered Provider (We're working on this)

Channel   Monthly  Annual 
   £   £ 
 Management System   100          1,200
 Inspection-Ready Policies   30            360
 Activity log [Expected launch March 2024]
 30  360
 Audits; Risk Assessments; Compliance Planners
 30            360
 Contract Management [IIF & EHA with PCN management]
 30            360
 Care Planning [Expected launch March 2024]
 30            360
 Safeguarding  [Expected launch March 2024]  TBA
 Regulations  [Expected launch March 2024]  TBA
 Quality Certificate [With Strategic Risk Register]
 Policies Library  [Expected launch March 2024]  30            360
 HR Channel/Templates  [Expected launch March 2024]  30            360
 TOTAL             340        4,080

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