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Online Toolkits 

our products professional standards passport our products professional standards passport

Staff Policies

staff system 1 staff centric policies

Our policies are different from anything you will have used before

  • 600 amazing policies sound good on paper but will take over your life and become a full time job in itself
  • Bloated 5 and 10 page policies make the subject more difficult to read and implement
  • Complex policies are unnecessary and counterproductive to learning for frontline staff
  • A good policy should be short, succinct and easy to understand and easy to teach

Our policies use smart design to focus on easy communication and learning.

Each one is a one minute read and a single tick in the smart grid instantly records quality and compliance at multiple levels

This is what frontline staff need:-

  • Simple messages that are easy to absorb
  • Repeat the message many times so it sinks in
  • Make it simple quick and succinct

The results will speak for themselves

  • Your staff will improve
  • They’ll be totally confident at CQC inspections
based on nhs constitution

Evidence Toolkits

Evidence Toolkits allow you to record your daily evidence in every relevant area, ranging from Organisation and Governance to Quality and Performance
  1. Our Organisation
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Operational Policies
  5. Staff Management
  6. Operational Safety
  7. Delivery of Care
  8. Quality & Performance
  9. Continuous Monitoring
  10. Improvement Plan
Evidence Toolkits are in editable PDF format.
You will be able to download these to your local drive, enter data into editable fields, and save these for future update and resuse