Evidence Toolkits allow you to record your daily evidence in every relevant area, ranging from Organisation and Governance to Quality and Performance
    1. Our Organisation
    2. Corporate Governance
    3. Regulatory Compliance
    4. Operational Policies
    5. Staff Management
    6. Operational Safety
    7. Delivery of Care
    8. Quality & Performance
    9. Continuous Monitoring
    10. Improvement Plan

There are two versions of these Toolkits:-

1. FREE - Print & Use (non-editable)

The FREE version is a great way to "try before you buy"
Just log in and go to "My Toolkits"

2. Pro Editable Version For that Professional look, get the editable version
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These toolkits can be purchased separately or used as add-ons to enhance the Quality Standards Manual
The Pro Editable Toolkit comes free with the Quality Standards subscription package 


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