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What to look for in CQC software

CQC software should be designed to help you comply whilst doing tasks and should generate evidence that you are following a quality assured process.
Putting up your documents on a web site or intranet as reading or reference material will not get you through an inspection.

This is what Futureproof looks like

CQC has gone through several major changes and more keep coming every year.
The principles behind our system have not changed even once. If you were using our compliance system, you would have met the requirements at every inspection, regardless of the CQC changes, and without having to reorganise anything.

The only change we are passionate about is to “keep simplifying everything”.
By following a common sense approach, grounded in sound risk principles, we were compliant with all these changes before the CQC even thought of them.
Now that’s futureproof!

Our approach to compliance

  1. Prevention at the frontline
  2. Make staff self-sufficient, release management time
  3. Learn and improve as you do
  4. Risk based compliance
  5. Measure it, then improve it

Why this matters

The cost of the system is not as important as the time you will invest in it.

When implementing a simple system based on documents that you have to review and customise, be prepared to invest over £12,500 in your time and effort.
If the system changes, be prepared to write that off and start all over again.


What we aim to give you

  • The last compliance system you will ever buy
  • We read the rules and regulations so you don’t have to.
  • Keep prepared for any changes any time.
  • Covers everything from regulatory to Human Resources and Health & Safety
  • SmartApps powered system for ease of use for any member of staff at any level.
  • Handles simple Staff Appraisals or complex Complaints processes with equal ease.

Our SmartApps are part of automatically updating systems that are always compliant and grow with your business, leaving you free to run your organisation.


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