GP Federation Systems

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Central reporting system for Federations

A ready-made system for Federations that benefits members by enabling them to meet basic standards with seamless reporting to Federation Head Office.

Provider Level Assessments of Federations and Groups necessitate all members to demonstrate and report that they are meeting compliance and quality standards to the Federation head office.

We provide a fully hosted ready to go system for Federations to prepare for and meet current and new compliance standards.

  1. A Federation wide Compliance and Reporting system for each member
  2. Central reporting with analytics for head office to monitor and manage activity and compliance levels.
  3. Immediate benefit to members with improved standard using automatically generated Action Plans
  4. Federation wide coordination of compliance activities for proactive support to struggling members.

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Common Standards Across Membership

Sharing, collaboration and efficiencies are impossible without common standards.
Getting a groups of practices to work together is a real challenge, and requires experienced hands and a sensitive approach.

Our unique approach, with practical toolkits and systems enable the Federation membership to easily achieve consistent standards across the Federation.

  1. Achieve an immediate common approach to compliance evidence and CQC inspections.
  2. Our standardised CQC Policies will achieve immediate time savings, plus common aims and ethos across the Federation.
  3. No one left behind with our full service CQC Support Line for all members throughout the year
  4. Help with ongoing compliance; preparation for inspections; and post-inspection improvements.

Special Terms for central buying

  1. Per member pricing with preferential rates for central buying
  2. Minimum of 10 members to qualify for terms
  3. New members automatically join at the discounted rate
  4. Subscription is annually renewing unless cancelled

KLOE 2018 for Groups & Federations

If you are part of a group, the new KLOE 2018 rules will affect every member in your group and especially your head organisation. You need to start preparing now.
By subscribing to this list you will get special reports on KLOE 2018 on how how groups will be inspected. For Complex Providers, all Corporate Groups, Federations, OOHs, GP Groups, Muti-site Operators