CQC Support Line

inspection system support

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General consultancy and support

Fixed price service: Never spend more than you intended.
This is not just a service, it’s a new kind of partnering. We want ot to leave you organised and self-sufficient where possible.

How it works:

  1. We scope out the work and get you started on basics. You can stop just there, you are already started on the road to compliance
  2. We all work together to set achievement targets
  3. The more you help, the more we can achieve
  4. The less you can deliver, the more we take up the slack
  5. Simple contracts for 30 days; 60 days; 90 days; or more. You choose, cancel if you don’t need us, call us back when you do
  6. We will give you free SmartApps to reduce time and costs, no extra charge

 Services we offer:-

  • Register new provider
  • Setup evidence system
  • Standard pre-inspection setup and support
  • Urgent pre-inspection support
  • Post-inspection support and defence
  • Site visits: Half day or Full day

Monthly subscription service

Subscribers get VIP priority and preferential terms.
As a valued customer, our team will answer your requests first, and give you better rates for any additional services. We will help you handle everything CQC related.

 inspection system support line
  • Change of services, circumstances and Manager
  • General queries about CQC and how to comply
  • Help with ongoing evidence and action plans
  • Pre-inspection preparation
  • During-inspection guidance
  • Post-inspection defence and response
  • Preferential rates on other consultancy services

New: Starting 2018 - PREFERENTIAL RATES for early birds

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