For Groups, Federations and Complex Providers

CQC is changing the way providers who are part of a Group are monitored and inspected. This covers anyone in a Groups or part of a service organisation such as an OOH and for GPs, any GP Federation, super practices, and multi-speciality community providers.

inspections provider level

This will affect everyone

  1. Board members to be held accountable for performance.
  2. Failing practices will trigger inspection of rest of group AND the head office.
  3. Your inspection report will now show that fellow members have failed.

The weakest link will drag down everyone in the Federation or Group, who will need to get a better handle on quality standards and ensure that EVERY member will pass CQC inspections.

If you are a member of such a group, you should be very concerned if any fellow member is not up to standard.

Effect on Board of Directors

The changes affect Groups, multi-discipline providers, and providers who are part of one Group/corporate entity.
If you are a board member, you need to be aware how individual members’ performance will now impact on your duties and responsibilities as a Board Member.

Quick snapshot of the changes:-

  1. Provider Level Assessment: Head office will go through a more formal audit and the Federation or Group given a “Provider-level assessment and rating based on member performance.
  2. Board members will be subject to KLOE assessment, primarily the Well-Led test, and held accountable for member failings.
  3. Targeting of the Federation if individual members are found to be inadequate or require improvement.
  4. Everyone’s inspection report will now mention failings of group members.

Your main hurdles

Performance variation and differing quality standards is the critical area to tackle. What makes this challenging is the absence of standardisation across the membership and lack of co-operation and shared standards between members.

How urgent is this?

The changes are slated for April 2018 onwards, and what this really means is that your performance baseline will be established by April 2018.
In theory, you have 9 months to get standardised and have a reporting system in place, something that many Groups will be unprepared for.

KLOE 2018 for Groups

If you are part of a group, the new KLOE 2018 rules will affect every member in your group and especially your head organisation. You need to start preparing now.
By subscribing to this list you will get special reports on KLOE 2018 on how how groups will be inspected. For Complex Providers, all Corporate Groups, Federations, OOHs, GP Groups, Muti-site Operators

KLOE 2018 for Groups

Get special reports on KLOE 2018 on how how groups will be inspected
For Complex Providers, all Corporate Groups, Federations, OOHs, GP Groups, Multi-site Operations


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