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The 5 Key Questions or Domains

The CQC's inspection model focuses on 5 key questions that a service provider is going to be judged on.

A rude acronym that makes it easier to remember the latest Guidelines.
Rejigging the acronym provided by the CQC makes it easy to remember and offend. These are as outlined below:

 SCREW Explained

KLOE explained


 Editor’s comments:

The Guidelines use the letters in a non-acronym sequence of S.E.C.R.W, but in an industry that thrives on acronyms it is surprising that not a single person involved in this spotted the potential political dynamite contained in this acronym.









  • CQC Evidence Folder

    Professionally organised Evidence Folder for CQC Inspections Includes latest 2017 KLOE changes Easily organise yourself. Be ready for any inspection any time A unique system where your “all-in” index also doubles as your checklist and Action Plan. Tick off…
  • Who will be targeted for inspections

    CQC Inspectors are taking a targeted approach to selecting providers for inspection visits. The CQC has confirmed that their primary targets will be:- Practices judged as “Requires improvement” (Especially if weaknesses in SAFE and WELL-LED) Your Insight…
  • 2017 Changes: Next Phase of CQC Regulation

    Regulatory Framework changes in 2017 (All you need to know now in less than 3 minutes. CQC hope that this will simplify the regulations and inspection process) Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
  • 2017 KLOEs: Overview of changes

    11 Frameworks down to 2: What this means for you For the first time, a standardised approach to whole of healthcareWhat the CQC want to achieve is:- A consistent approach to defining and measuring quality and to collecting information. Be clear and consistent…
  • The New CQC Inspection Model 2014

    Overview of the CQC Inspection Model

    A quick overview of how "Key Domains" and "KLOEs" work Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
  • eManager Software: The easiest route to CQC Evidence

    Once you discover eManager you'll wonder how you did without it. Smart Apps will help you…
  • 10 things to do to prepare for inspections

    10 things to do leading up to the inspectionThere are very few people who would not feel…
  • Common Problems at Inspections

    Problems we encounter Solutions Cleanliness Cleanliness issues or just an untidy setup…
  • How much should it cost to prepare for CQC

    The answer really depends on how much work you do on an ongoing basis to comply with CQC…
  • Questions CQC Inspectors ask your staff

    These are the most common questions CQC inspectors usually ask your staff. Can your staff…
  • Duty of Candour

    This is a statutory duty, originally introduced for NHS bodies in England (trusts,…
  • Mandatory CQC Posters

    If your organisation has been given a Good/Bad/Ugly rating by the CQC, you are required…

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